Remember when shoe shopping


  There is one rule you should always follow, though. Your heels must be well matched with your outfit. Treat your shoes as the cherry or the icing to the cake. They are the ones that can make or break an outfit


Black leather over the knee boots with high heels and an office suit. A black official suit can also be broken up a bit by slipping on a pair of boots. Wear them low for a causal look and choose a pair with high heels for a more sexy look. Long coats also would work great with OTK boots.

Avoid ankle straps If your ankles are wider as that will make them look even wider.

Going out for a long day of walking? choose shoes with thicker heels. They give more balance, especially when on rough surfaces.

You want to be sexy, not mistaken for a hooker, right? So pair your boots with a mini skirt, but don’t show too much leg. Instead, go for a slim fit and just a little skin showing. Leave the mind wonder. It will work much better if you simply wrap your butt in the shortest skirt possible.

If your feet are too slim and skinny, then platform heels might look “heavy” and make you with “Mickey Mouse feet”. Best to avoid platforms.   

 Don't wear too high heels. If a stylish, well-dressed woman is wearing a pair of sky-high heels which she handles with style and ease, then there is nothing wrong with a pair of daring heels.

Ensure the fit is good by using gel pads.

Slouch boots can look great with a mid-length skirt or asymmetric dress.

A two-inch heel can help improve your posture and is great for walking.


       Should you follow these tips? If you do, the ones that know them will certainly notice and see that you know your fashion. It will also mean that you like to look good and see shoes as more than something to use for walking. Fashion is all about creativity and looking and feeling good in your skin. But we are all unique so what looks and feels good on one person, won’t necessarily look and feel good on another.This all means that you should follow the fashion tips blindly. Instead be able to adapt them, customize them, even completely neglect them if the situation allows.



  • Saved me lots of money so far .

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  • Thank you for these amazing tips, I look forward to many many more they are definitely helping me along on my " getting to know my feet" adventure . Thanks again .


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