Because You Can't Go Wrong with Brown Boots

Brown is to boots what vanilla is to ice cream – quintessential. Brown boots are a classic and are ubiquitous for good reason. You could write an ode to the beauty of brown boots, be they knee-high boots, ankle-length boots, heeled boots, or flat-soled ones.

Brown boots define class and enable you to portray elegance; you lift your beauty quotient a few notches by the simple expediment of pairing brown boots with appropriate clothing.

Any time, you buy a pair of brown boots, be prepared to spend some money on these, because good brown boots are like an investment that gives back many times over. Pure leather brown boots develop character as they age, you get more comfortable in them as you wear them. They respond to your movement, and before long you will have combinations of dresses and clothes that you’ll only wear with your trusted brown boots.

Of course, you don’t want to be caught wearing long skirts over brown boots. You’re going to turn heads with this combination but not quite for the right reasons. Here’s a neat tip that you can only get from those who know their boots – use zips for your boots, your calves may not always remain the same size, especially during pregnancy, you will put on weight. Also, you should ensure that the boots are not too tight around the ankles, unless you want your feet to appear larger than they actually are.

While suede is a great material for fall and winter, nothing beats the all-weather usability of leather. If you have to choose on any one material, then we’d advise you to go for leather. Leather has timeless appeal. You can jazz up the boots with buttons and buckles or you can let the boots be and allow their natural beauty to come through. The latter choice lets you pair the boots with a wider range of clothes and accessories.

Treat your leather boots nicely, don’t go sloshing in the snow with these boots and keep them dry.

Check out our products page, and you’ll get an idea of the craftsmanship that you can expect from Zevallos. And, while you’re at it, do check out the sales section. You can pick up boots here at truly amazing discounts – and these are handcrafted bespoke boots that you will not find elsewhere.

The cool thing about brown boots is that you don’t need to invest in more than one good pair. In fact, with one well-made pair of brown boots in your closet, you do not even need a pair of black boots. And, if you want to, you can fulfill your heart’s desires for fancy footwear in different colors. Brown sets you free.

Brown boots give you the freedom to step out in casuals or formals. If you’ve got ideas about the kind of brown boots that’d add a spring to your step, let us know. Our skilled cordwainers can bring your ideas to life.

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