How to Buy Bridal Shoes

A marriage is one of the most beautiful occasions in a girl’s life. And shopping for marriage is not easy. There’s so much to buy, so many choices, and so little time. Let Zevallos give you a complete lowdown on how to select bridal shoes.

The two most important aspects to consider are comfort and the manner in which your bridal shoes complement your trousseau.

One way to ensure that your bridal shoes are totally like how you want them to be is to get them custom made. We excel in creating bridal shoes that invariably exceed our clients’ expectations.

We understand that you want to feel good walking down the aisle in these shoes, you’ll be dancing in them, and standing patiently getting yourself photographed with the guests. Even if you wear these shoes only once, we appreciate the fact that this single experience is one that you want to remember fondly.

Platform heels give you the luxury of wearing high heels without the accompanying discomfort that some feel with higher heels. With platforms, you don’t have to arch your feet as high. You enjoy more stability, locomotion becomes easier, and the extra padding keeps your feet comfortable. They can give the appearance of heft and bulk to slender feet. However, if you’ve got naturally big feet then wearing platform heels may make them appear bigger.

Wedges go back to antiquity. Pretty belles in ancient Greece flaunted wedges or lifties, as they are also known These shoes feature a high heel, but with the difference that the sole and heel are crafted from one piece. They are a good choice if the venue for the wedding is a sandy beach or a garden. They make it easier to walk on uneven surfaces without the accompanying pain in the calves. If you want to look taller and make a confident entry to the wedding venue then we can craft the perfect pair of wedges for you.

Thicker heels give you the benefit of stability along with the advantages of height and oomph that high heels bring. Chunkier heels provide you with greater surface area and are a good choice for wedding venues where you expect to walk a bit on uneven surfaces or soft surfaces.  

Stilettos are the ultimate eye catchers. And, the iconic stiletto heel can be combined with pumps, boots, shoes, and platforms too. If you want to walk with your back erect and shoulders square then you’ll find that stilettos will be of great help. And stilettos for your wedding will have you feeling tall, quite literarily. They’re not easy to walk in. But there’s nothing to beat stilettos for grace. It’s what women of substance wear. If your wedding venue allows you to wear stilettos and you feel you can carry of these beauties, then go for ‘em. We can create stunningly beautiful and comfortable stilettos for you.

Order your shoes so that we can deliver them to your home at least a fortnight before the wedding. You’ll get the time to ease into your shoes, walk on carpet and give the shoes a chance to adapt to the shape of your feet.

You will need to wear your shoes to the dressmaker so that he can take measurements accordingly.

We can help you with ideas and stimulate your creativity. If you’ve got any doubts about the choice of material, size, height of heels, and even color, talk to us and we’ll bounce off ideas with you. Take a look at our online catalog, you are sure to find inspiration over there

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