Love High Heels? Useful Stuff to You Simply Must Know

High heels are a great way to add inches to your height, show off your calves, and walk confidently with your friends who are a couple of inches taller than you. Also, there are occasions such as parties and formal dos when there is no substitute for a good pair of heels.

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Want to get used to your new pair of heels quickly? The first thing to do is to invest in a good pair of heels. With Zevallos Shoes, you’re assured of impeccable craftsmanship and a unique pair of heels that will get you compliments by the dozen.

Give quality preference over quantity. A good pair of heels need not be expensive but don’t settle for rank cheap stuff. If you subject your feet to poorly manufactured high heels, you could damage your calves and feet. You’ll have to settle for only flats, then. No more high heels for you. Even three dependable pairs of high heels in your wardrobe should take care of your needs. You don’t need more.

When wearing heels, practice walking such that you are aware that you’re wearing heels. Land on your heels as you land your feet and then transfer the weight forward. You’ll feel comfortable and look more elegant. Take small steps, they’ll keep you balanced and prevent you from falling. You’ll find it easier to maintain balance and will appear more graceful too. Push your shoulders back when you walk. It may take some practice in the beginning, but soon you’ll get the hang of it.

Buy heels with soles that look like they’ll afford some grip. Or use sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the soles a bit we also ship our shoes with nonslip grips. A good grip is the difference between looking prim on your feet and possibly falling in a tangled heap because you slipped.

You should consider the advantages offered by a slightly thicker heel which offers more stability, open toes that relieve pressure on calluses and toes, and heeled boots with a gradual slope because they are easier to wear.

If you’re planning to order bespoke heels, remember that open boots with exposed feet provide less support. If you’ve tried out heels and wish to place an order for a bespoke pair then first try on the heels you’ve seen in the shop. If it’s comfortable when you try it, it will be comfortable when you wear it. 

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