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Ok So There Is Some ''WIGGLE ROOM''.

Don' leave an amazing pair of Zevallos shoes just because they're a tad too big or small. If the size is too small and the shoes are tight, many cobblers can make them fit. Stretching machines do wonders in increase length and width, perfect for stretch specific areas, like tight toes.if the shoes are too big, inner soles, tongue pads , and heel grips can tighten up the fit. Similarly, thigh high boots can be altered to some degree: too big pairs can be taken in, while snug ones can be stretched about 1/2 inch in the calf,for most styles."if you're in the store and can slip your finger into the heel, don't bother buying them.

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How to Buy Bridal Shoes

A marriage is one of the most beautiful occasions in a girl’s life. And shopping for marriage is not easy. There’s so much to buy, so many choices, and so little time. Let Zevallos give you a complete lowdown on how to select bridal shoes. The two most important aspects to consider are comfort and the manner in which your bridal shoes complement your trousseau. One way to ensure that your bridal shoes are totally like how you want them to be is to get them custom made. We excel in creating bridal shoes that invariably exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand that you want to feel good walking down the aisle in these shoes, you’ll be dancing in them,...

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Remember when shoe shopping

    There is one rule you should always follow, though. Your heels must be well matched with your outfit. Treat your shoes as the cherry or the icing to the cake. They are the ones that can make or break an outfit   Black leather over the knee boots with high heels and an office suit. A black official suit can also be broken up a bit by slipping on a pair of boots. Wear them low for a causal look and choose a pair with high heels for a more sexy look. Long coats also would work great with OTK boots. Avoid ankle straps If your ankles are wider as that will make them look even wider. Going out for...

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