Thigh-high Boots - The Timeless Fall Fashion Idea

Thigh-high boots, also known as over-the-knee boots, are a classic concept for fall and winter fashion wear. Long-legged belles are doing themselves an injustice if they’re not wearing these alluring and sexy boots.

Of course, the most iconic wearer of OTK boots was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The big advantage with these boots is that you can easily carry off a range of looks with them – shorts, jeans, skirts…pair ‘em with anything you want to. Achieve that sexy look by leaving a couple of inches between the boot top and short skirt bottom. Thigh-high boots keep you warm as the weather becomes cooler. Add pizzazz to your regular jeans and tee outfit by pairing the combination with thigh-high boots.

Zevallos takes pride in its creations and you should take a look at the bespoke thigh high boots that we have crafted for our clients. Each pair was made based on the instructions from wearers just like you who wanted something different, a pair of thigh high boots that fitted and complemented their personalities. Denim is a popular material of choice and has the same classic appeal as leather. It offers many interesting opportunities to add trim that highlights the boots. Fringes, peep toes, side zips, inner zips, and stilettos, there’s a lot that can be accomplished with these boots.

The flat thigh high boots are an enduring design and we get many order for these. These long lasting boots are very versatile and you can wear them with anything. If you’re a nature lover, then these boots are a good choice to wear on camping trips where you might want to wade into water for some fly fishing.

Heels on OTK boots add inches to your height. Granted, this isn’t what you’d wear to work, but for those occasions where you’re looking to let your hair down and have fun, these boots will get you loads of compliments and many interested glances. Just remember, high heels pair with lower hemlines for skirts. With flat heels, you can wear short skirts.

If you’re feeling a little daunted by the prospect of wearing these boots, then try out a pair in suede. Ease yourself into this style by trying it out with skirts of different length. Pair them with leggings. Check out how wider boots with a slightly larger gap at the thigh feel. If you ask us, we’d say that you’re better off with classy and rugged materials like leather and denim. Avoid PVC, faux leather is okay.

Bring out the queen in you, give expression to the feisty cowgirl that you know you can be, or step out as the diva that you are. Anything’s achievable once you slip into a pair of thigh high boots.

Zevallos can offer you professional pointers on thigh high boots that will be just the right match for you, given your height and weight. You don’t have to be a svelte babe to rock these boots. We’ve stitched these boots for many women and we’d love to do so for you. 

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