Did you know?


Do you know that a shoemaker is also known as a cordwainer? Cordwainers get their name from the city of Cordoba, which was famous for cordovan leather. Shoemakers loved this reddish brown leather for its pliability and ruggedness. Shoemakers who made custom shoes, from the pattern to the last stitch, were master artisans who gained renown as “bespoke” craftsmen.
Zevallos has seven cordwainers. Once you place an order, our expert cordwainers begin the process of creating the perfect pair of shoes as per your specifications. Each pair of custom-made shoes is a labor of love for our shoemakers. The process takes time, but our customers always tell us that the shoes were easily worth the wait.
You can expect the shoes to arrive at your doorstep in three to four weeks. Zevallos has ensured that you no longer have to trek from shop to shop in search of the perfect pair of boots, nor do you need to spend hours surfing the net for a website that can understand your requirements and promise to deliver. With Zevallos, it takes only a few minutes. We save you time, money, and gas. Why settle for just adequate shoes when you can have the perfect bespoke pair that complements your personality.
Unless specified in the description, “leather” can refer to a variety of skins, including, but not limited to, cowhide, pigskin, and lambskin.
**We place all of our embellishment by hand, including crystals and studs.

**Zevallos shoe heel height is measured from the back of the heel to the bottom of the heel tap.   





We are offering authentic leather and suede custom handmade shoes along with a wide range of evening and Bridal shoes you cannot get anywhere else. Our unique style and designs are inspired by cultures across the world and the global art scene.

Make your shoes as unique as you are. You choose the leather, color, sole and details. We will handcraft your shoes to your specifications using the finest materials and bespoke workmanship. Find your perfect fit in our exceptional range of sizes, widths, and lasts. The possibilities are endless.

Our mission is straightforward. We want to give you good quality and comfortable shoes that are not only a good fit but also look great. Zevallos, a luxury shoe brand, has been in business since 2014; since it launched three years ago, they've seen their custom, handmade shoes worn by women — and celebrities — around the world.