Measurement Charts

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How To Measure Your Legs

You can use a tape measure or if you do not have one, use a piece of string to determine the distance around your leg and then measure that length with a ruler.

Measurement Charts

Knee-high boots

You will need to record  two (2) measurements:

1 - the smallest ankle diameter,

2 – the largest calf diameter,

Thigh high boots

 You will need to record  three (3) measurements:

1 - the smallest ankle diameter,

2 – the largest calf diameter,

3 – the thigh diameter approximately 3 inches below the gluteal crease,

Then simply add it on the checkout page. 

 ****Please take your time and ensure an accurate measurement. This is key in getting boots that fit correctly, feel good, and do the job properly!****


How to Measure Your Feet.

Measurement ChartsMeasurement Charts 

 The best time to measure your feet is at the end of the day when your feet are largest.   During the fitting process, make sure there is enough space (3/8" to 1/2") for your longest toe at the end of each shoe when you are standing up.

1. Place a piece of blank paper on a hard floor.

2. Stand on the paper wearing a sock of medium thickness.

3. Holding a pencil vertically, place a mark at the end of your heel.

4. Place another mark at the tip of your longest toe.

5. Mark the sides of you foot at the widest part.

6. Measure your other foot using the same method.

7. To find your size, measure the heel-to-toe mark and use the inch-to-size table

8. To find your width, measure the marks for the widest part of your foot and use the size table

9. If your measurements are between two sizes, or you find one foot's measurement larger than the other, always move up to the larger size.

 Measure The Width Of Your Foot.

1. Measure between the lines on the left and right sides and write the number down.